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Education Foundation Standards

INAPEF developed a set of standards for education foundations to strive for. While the list of standards is long, it is meant to serve as a guide for areas that an education foundation's leadership can use to continue to develop as a successful organization. Check off the ones your foundation has covered and concentrate on a couple of standards each year to continue to move your foundation in the right direction.

INAPEF members can find resources to go with nearly each of the standards in the Members Only area of the INAPEF website. No one has time to create everything from what other education foundations have created and develop your own plan or policy.

Standards Tool with Online Calculations

Standards Tool to be used Offline/With a Group

Feeling overwhelmed by the standards? It's meant to be used as a framework for how the education foundation can focus its work. We've prepared the version below to help foundations that need a little more focus on what could be considered the key standards (highlighted in blue) to help move your foundation to its next level.

Standards Tool with Key Topics Highlighted

INAPEF hosted a webinar with two examples of how the standards were shared and used by education foundations.

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