Volunteer Opportunities

INAPEF is the successful organization that it is because of a lot of work by members and volunteers. INAPEF has several committees that we invite volunteers to serve on to help lead the organization. Please review the volunteer opportunities below and submit your contact information and committee preference if you would be willing to help.

The primary goals for each of the committees for 2021 are listed. Each committee will meet 3-5 times during the year via Zoom or teleconference.

Annual Conference Committee
Help identify potential topics and speakers to cover during INAPEF's September Annual Conference
Chair: Christie Graham, Pike Township Education Foundation

Tentative Meeting Dates: Mar. 12, Apr. 15 and June 8 at 11am ET/10am CT

Finance Committee
Monitor 2021 INAPEF budget and expenses. Propose a budget for 2022 to the INAPEF Board for approval. Create financial policies regarding budgeting for savings and/or investing funds.
Chair: Renee Oldham, Mt. Vernon Education Foundation
Tentative Meeting Dates: Apr. 14 and Aug. 17 at 1pm EDT/12pm CDT

Governance Committee

Develop a slate of candidates for INAPEF's 2022 Board of Directors and officers. Review INAPEF's bylaws for any needed amendments. Help develop a policy and procedure manual for INAPEF. Start developing a board evaluation process.
Chair: Nancy Hamblin, Munster Education Foundation

Tentative Meeting Dates: Mar. 16, May 18, Jul. 20, Sept. 21, Nov. 16 at 10am ET/9am CT

Member Services Committee
Review benefits and help develop new benefits of interest to education foundation members. Review any new member applications that are submitted and make recommendation to the Board regarding approval. Help finalize materials to encourage growth of new education foundations.
Chair: Suzi Bruin, Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation
Tentative Meeting Dates: Mar. 17, May 3, Jun. 9, Aug. 24, Oct. 26 at 1pm ET/12pm CT

Standards Task Force
Continue refinement work on Indiana's public education foundation standards and develop related resources for each of the standards. seek opportunities to keep the standards at the forefront of the education foundation community
Chair: Ginny Brown, Greenfield Central School Foundation
Tentative Meeting Dates: Mar. 10, Aug. 18; 11am ET/10am CT

Vendor Relations Task Force
Develop and implement a plan to engage and recognize more vendors in INAPEF that could be great resources for education foundations
Chair: Renee Oldham, Mt. Vernon Education Foundation
Tentative Meeting Dates: Mar. 15, May 17, Aug. 11, Oct. 7; 11am ET/10am CT

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