Education Foundation Standards

INAPEF's Standards Task Force developed a set of standards to help your Education Foundation Leadership determine your Foundation’s areas of strength, and areas of opportunity.

While the list of standards is long, it is meant to serve as a guide for areas that an education foundation's leadership can use to continue to develop as a successful organization.

Follow the steps below to best utilize this worksheet to optimize your Education Foundation.

Step 1: Gather & Assess
Gather leadership and core staff members to review each of the standards and asses how well your foundation does in each.

Step 2: Develop a Plan
Share the results with your Board of Directors and develop a plan for strengthening the areas that your Foundation wants to focus on optimizing.

You may have multiple areas of opportunity; begin by identifying your top ONE.

Step 3: Take advantage of INAPEF Resources
Become an INAPEF member, so you can access the entire Education Foundation Resource Center, and member forum to network and identify best practices and strategies to build your strategy.

No one has time to create everything from scratch...the member portal allows you to review what other education foundations have created and develop your own plan or policy.

Standards Tool

Click the link below to download our Foundation Standard's Checklist Tool

Education Foundation Standards Evaluation Tool.xlsx  |  317.661.1482
PO Box 862, Brownsburg IN 46112

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